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Self Love-How are you?!

Updated: May 27, 2021

The world is opening up! Its time to get use to being in the same space as other people. We are so consumed with the hustle of work and businesses, we forget to set aside time for a moment of peace and quiet for ourselves.

To be good to our loved - ones, we must first learn to love ourselves and set aside time to do things that make our "inner" spirit happy.

Self love comes from the inside and gives us the peace of mind, body and spirit. We must love ourselves first, before we can love others in our lives. Self love can mean to love ourselves enough to enjoy life and what we do that makes us feel happy. A walk in the park by yourself can do wonders for the mind to relax and take in the surroundings. A yoga class that can introduce us to meditation and breathing so we can slow down from a busy work week. There are many ways to explore self love for ourselves, to get to a "happy" place in our lives. Self Love is to make eye contact to say "hello" or speak a word of encouragement to someone. Showing gratitude and being kind is a reflection of having a loving spirit, and being able to love others in our lives.

Today lets take a moment for ourselves and do something that makes our spirit joyful, and spread some Self - Love!

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