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Self Care Sundays, anyday!

Living a healthy lifestyle does not only mean what your diet consist of in everyday life. Self care is the wellness of a healthy lifestyle and can be just as important. Self care can be many different things to do for yourself and maintain a healthy mindset. Taking time for self is the first law of preservation. So it is almost critical to do something that will be calming and relaxing. Self care is to unwind, relax, and rest. Sometimes people do something like a walk in the park, exercise, yoga or meditation as a form of active Self care. It does not have to be a time of rest, where you go into a space and place to lay and do nothing. Although doing nothing can be a form of Self care for some, others find going out to get a pedicure, or go to a nice place to dine as a form of Self care.

Whatever it is that brings you peace and contentment, that is your Self care time. Take time for just you, putting everything and everyone aside for a moment to love on you!

Does the act of Self care take you out or is it a moment to unwind quietly in special place?

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