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From "Surviving to Thriving"

The year is coming to a end, as we are in the last quarter of the year, 2021. The time now is to reflect, review, release and let go of the things that were not healthy for us, mind body and soul. To survive in a world of uncertainty with the lingering of Covid related issues, it is now time to release it all (as best we can) and shift our minds to "thriving" as we think positively of the coming new year.

We have experiences that have varied from work related stress, coming out into the world with uncertain changes in restaurants, and stores. We survived a year of illnesses related to the normal things to the Covid related issues, with some resulting in death. Yes lets talk and get through it together. We have so many different challenges to get through a year of things we have never experienced, and none of it was easy or pleasant however we went in survival mode. A year of surviving the mental and physical changes and the challenges of staying the course by maintaining some form of normalcy in our lives.

Now is the time to intentionally set our minds to a positive outlook and see ourselves "thriving" for the coming new year. To focus our energy to positive thoughts, and seeing the good in all areas of our lives sets the tone from just "surviving" to "Thriving" the new year new you! Its our time to Thrive!!!

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